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Era Dust

Sam & Becky, from the safety of their home, welcome remote guest host Shujin Tribble as they contemplate parody ceremonies for cats, criticize craft store antics, and say bye (finally?) to the saga of Coach Joe Kennedy. Also: hotdogs.



Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten, but hot dog buns only come in packages of just eight? -Owen from The Internet

Covid-19 has largely shut down our work, and we’re looking for ways of being upbeat, silly, and have some minimal time with a few friends–a total of 6, including ourselves. Just so people don’t take my head off: everyone who is invited to this has been isolating for the past week. We’re not seeking fun at the expense of social responsibility. What we are celebrating: our cats become “mature/adult” cats. So we decided to throw a Catceanera party for one, and a Cat Mitzvah for the other. Any suggestions for activities/ceremony/gifts for our fun loving, irreverent cat celebration? Ever a fan (and happily a patron), Colin -Colin from Seattle

Favorite Cat Dances

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The reason for the hot-dog-10/bun-8 is obvious: The other two sausages are for the non-human weenie-roast participants. For those unfortunate individuals without furry housemates, may I suggest slicing them up and pan-frying them?


I’ll have to remember the hot dog and bun thing for the next time someone tells me the universe is finely tuned.

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