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Becky works on the Ask An Atheist production team, frequently appears on episodes, and lends her voice to commercial announcements. She speaks Spanish, works as an educator in the Seattle-Tacoma area, and sits on the Board of Humanists of Washington.

Jesucristo–Robot del Futuro

by Becky Friedman

Who else can resurrect your dead childhood pet, shoot you with a proton ray for having safe sex, and transform abusive fathers into turtles? I’m in a weird dream-state where Devo is singing in Spanish about Futurama’s Robot Santa. Or is it Jesus?

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Where/How to Get Vaxxed!

by Becky Friedman

Children around our state and across the nation aren’t being vaccinated because of parents’ religious beliefs and personal objections. Our immunity helps minimize epidemics in our community! You can easily obtain shots for preventable disease, often at low cost.

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