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Sam is Exhausted, Talks About Pierce County Adventures

by Sam Mulvey

KING5 did a follow up story, but got a few things wrong, especially regarding the amendment to the budget preventing this from happening again.  It did not pass.   We’re expecting to see something from the Tacoma News Tribune soon, we’ll see how that goes. Here’s a podcast with an exhausted take on how it went […]

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Pierce County Council Meeting TODAY

by Sam Mulvey

As we mentioned in Sunday’s episode, the Pierce County Council is giving $7,000 to an organization called Child Evangelism Fellowship.   The meeting to further discuss the 2014 budget is happening today at 3:00 PM at the County-City building here in Tacoma (Google Maps link).   The meeting is on the 10th floor, in room 1046. […]

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On the Ohio Holocaust Memorial

by Sam Mulvey

If I were to comment on the Ohio Holocaust memorial on aesthetics alone, this would be a very short article.

Which makes it a real shame that this memorial has to be on public land, since that means that I feel, as secularists, that we should speak out against its construction.

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Summary via Facebook

by Sam Mulvey

I did something I haven’t done in a while this week– I looked at an argument from a creationist line by line. When we started out, I said I wanted to get the “who created god?” question out of the way at the outset.   This Facebook comment from regular listener Cheryl give me a […]

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