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Sticky and Transparent Circumstances

by Ask an Atheist

Sam speaks with guest Faye who recounts the moment that percipitated her departure from high school Mormon seminary class, Dan explains slime eels, Becky verifies that there are ways to be an atheist apart from Humanist, and Colby asks about the Scopes Monkey Trial and offers her perspective on art.

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In the Study Hall of the Mountain King

by Sam Mulvey

Today, I sat inside of Point Defiance Elementary School with students, parents, concerned citizens, and representatives of The Satanic Temple to talk about the Satanists’ new after-school program, “After School Satan.” Sure, the fun may have been outside; complete with bagpipes, carted-in concern, and enough microwave trucks to instantly cook a very sad Holiday meal, […]

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Open Letter to Derek Kilmer, WA-6

by Sam Mulvey

Today is Veterans Day here in the U.S., which means (among other things) that I’ll usually get a lot of email from local polticians about supporting veterans.   That poses no problem for me, but one from Derek Kilmer, who represents Congressional District 6 gnawed at me a bit.  The text of his letter his hardly […]

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