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Ask an Atheist wants YOU! … Again!?

by Sam Mulvey

This time, to tell us about your experiences as an atheist in the workplace.  Did you work in an explicitly religious company and have weird experiences?  Were you ousted for your lack of faith?  Did you have a strange boss?  Or have you been too afraid of what would happen to your career if you […]

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Scripture Says….What? for the Week of August 14th

by Mike Gillis

Listener David from Westminster, California emailed us and asked: The “Scripture Says…What???” feature on your show is great. I suspect most of my theistic friends have no idea that the quotes you give are in their holy books. I’d like to share the quotes with them. But, I’m never going to get them to listen […]

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Scripture Says…What?

by Mike Gillis

The last episode of Ask an Atheist unveiled a new – and possibly weekly – segment we like to call “Scripture Says…What?”, where we look at the funniest, scariest and just plain weirdest passages in holy texts like the Bible, the Qur’an, the Bhagavad Gita, or even Dianetics. Our first passage was from the Christian […]

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The Backpedaling is Here: No, Really, It Happened!

by Sam Mulvey

Gawker has the beginning of the expected backpedaling.   And the backpedaling is… depressingly unsurprising. As we, most religious people on Earth, and everyone outside of a little multi-million dollar media conglomerate/winnebago borne cult expected, the moment the world was advertised to end came and went with the usual mediocrity. A couple hours later, we […]

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