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The Most Wonderful/Terrible Book in the History of Ever

by Mike Gillis

I love when people pour more than one flavor of crazy into a stew pot and stir them thoroughly.  What’s that? You want to cross nutball 9/11 conspiracy theories with psychic powers? A Bigfoot  mash-up with the theory of Atlantis? The ghosts of Civil War soldiers haunting my homeopathic medicine? Yes! Buy me a ticket. […]

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Is Pat Robertson Evil?

by Sam Mulvey

I have to admit, when I write about Pat Robertson or Pat Buchanan, I first have to check to make sure I have the right one.   Which professional television blowhard is selling ignorant fundamentalism as intelligence this week? As it turns out, it is the sleepy-eyed host of the 700 Club, Robertson, who’s telling […]

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