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Alert the Conspiracy! Truther Ahoy!

by Sam Mulvey

  Before I get on to writing more important things, I thought I would highlight a comment we got on our blog recently.   This is something I do. Right on schedule, and that is to say “four weeks late”, here’s a truther with the usual word salad in the blog.    I’m not going […]

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When All Else Fails, Baffle Them with Bullshit.

by Mike Gillis

We get a lot of comments on our Facebook page from random people, and occasionally we get the odd “hit and run” theist, believer or New Agey type who wants to blow our collective minds with what they think is a debate-ending question. Y’know, the verbal equivalent of Hulk Hogan’s Big Leg Drop. The sort […]

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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's an Overreaction!

by Mike Gillis

It’s not often that two things I love so much get packaged together in one glorious news story. It’s like someone getting their chocolate in my peanut butter. It’s this case somebody got their whiny self-martyring Christian whackadoo story into my story about comic books. Now, I make no secret of how much I love […]

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