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by beth

Just kidding.  I don’t really think that.  But this insane lady evidently does: Wow.  What else can we blame on the repeal of DADT?  Did you get some nasty fries at a restaurant?  Is your water pressure in your shower suddenly really crappy?  Perhaps you experienced some kind of unexpected car trouble?  THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS […]

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I Didn't Even Know Mexico HAD A Grand Warlock!

by beth

Obama, China, and the US economy should be concerned.  Why?  Because Antonio Vazquez, Mexico’s self appointed “grand warlock” has made some pretty damning predictions concerning all three. Mexico’s self-declared “Grand Warlock” held a news conference in Mexico City on Tuesday, when he presented his predictions for 2011 on diverse subjects such as international political and […]

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Backmask an Atheist!

by Sam Mulvey

I should note that there are secret messages in our ghost hunting episode.   Or at least that’s true according to the inaugural episode of Backmask an Atheist! Thanks to friend of the show Taylor Harris!

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Another Fun Comment!

by Sam Mulvey

Got this one from that video-focused wretched hive of scum and villainy, and thought I would share it with our lovely website readers without forcing people to wade through YouTube comments. Not everyone has my sense of humor. NEVER HEARD A BULLSHIT , LIKE THIS ARE YOU GUYS OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS , BREASTFEEDING […]

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