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Running for Office

This week we talk to Jennifer Goulet, candidate for the 9th Legislative District in Washington’s State House.   We continue discussing the war on bathrooms, and atheists in Washington State’s prison system.


Here’s the “War on Taking a Dump” news story we talk about.



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Katie from Nebraska

Hello Gang, I’ve been working in an adult male prison in Washington state now for 14 years. Recently the Chaplain contacted me about sponsoring an Atheist group for Offenders. I tried to start one about 3 years ago but I was told offenders need to request a new program like that and can’t just be created. I disagreed with that because I didn’t know about Atheism when I was going through my doubting stage but I conceded.

Now an offender wants to start and I have to come up with topics for the group which would most likely meet once a week or every two weeks. I’ve also got to follow the policy which doesn’t allow us to talk bad about other religions, which is not what I would do, but I’m sure it would come up. I provided the Chaplain many topics so far and I think it will be easy to come up with things like introducing offenders to Humanism. I just wondered if you had any tips as I’m not a member of any local groups I am open for ideas. Lucky for me you have a weekly show! Keep up the good work.

The Chaplain said he called around (by my request) and no other prisons have an Atheist group so this would be the first in the state.

Rick from Washington

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