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Pascal’s Wager My Abs

This week’s continuation of the Gritty Reboot Series has Sam and Dave taking down the most annoying argument atheists hear: Pascal’s Wager.   In the second segment, Carol (who might be new or not) and Becky handle some listener feedback, with (hopefully) some aplomb.


I was raised Christian until I found a Jewish website that explained how the New Testament contradicts the Old. I now describe myself as agnostic, but I’m still afraid that there may be a hell. This is stopping me from living my life and while I doubt that I’ll become a Christian again, I sometimes wonder if there’s any chance the Jewish faith was right.

Is there any way that I might be able to let go of this fear? Maybe some way to make a firm decision on whether or not I should be religious? People have advised me to learn more about religion and the world in general; maybe there’s something specific I should look at?

Many thanks, Chris
Chris from the UK

A [while] ago, you covered the Canadian parents who murdered their son by woo. You want to be easy on them. ¡You disgust me! ¡We should throw the book at them! If adult children would murder their parents for the inheritance, ⸘would you be easy on them because they are orphans‽
Craig from California

Human beings are HIGHLY intelligent and creative. We are able to create many devices from smart phones and laptops to vehicles and huge skyscrapers, and even medicine. Now let’s pretend for a moment that I asked a rock to create a smartphone. That would be a bit silly, wouldn’t it? A rock is a rock. The best thing a rock can do is…well…sit there and be a rock. While I understand that human beings use our planet’s resources to create all these devices, I have never seen a human being create an entire planet. So if you and I are WAY smarter than a rock, yet still lack the ability to create a planet…why do atheists and scientist believe that a rock has the ability to create a planet?
Lindsay from the Internet

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