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Sign, Sign, Everwhere a Sign

We marched for science!   This week Becky, Sam and Wes talk about the March for Science in Olympia and elsewhere, prayerful music, and out favorite judicial punching bag.   Not literally.






Wish the whole gang and I could have been there!
Roger from Norway

I would like to ask you to imagine if I, a Christian, were to carry a sign in any of these marches professing my belief that my study of science has helped to valid the bible for me and my faith in God. How do you
suppose the crowds in these marches would treat me? By the end of the day… I would be drenched in spit.
Oliver from Facebook

Do you see me, “Oliver”?

Awesome Signs

  • Just like Bacteria, We Resist!
  • This machine kills facists [microscope]
  • E = mc^2 –Some Immigrant
  • No Science? No Twitter, No Chocolate Cake, No Orange Skin
  • SCIENCE WORKS! *but not for free
  • Smoke salmon, not the earth!
  • Science Lab [on a dog]
  • Alternative cat [on a dog]
  • I love animals and people and science [grade school kid]
  • Attention Lawmakers: US Constitution, Art. 1, Sec 8: “To promote the progress of science and the useful arts…”
  • Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.

You can see pictures of some of these signs on our recent Facebook post!


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