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How to Get to Area 54

I wanted to call it “A Manufactured Evening at Area 54,” but that title is entirely too long.   And since I already started this in first person, I’ll keep it up.   Josh and Becky hang out with me in the studio for a divaricating discussion ranging from Alex Jones to the science of gender.



There are only 2 genders, because Science!

J. Trevor from Facebook


It used to start in SF, now it Seattle. When you don’t believe in God, you believe in anything!

Orlanda from Washington State


Glen shared what he called an “interesting chart on earth temperature changes over time” and Bennett replied that “there has been tons of research done on this information showing that we have had very little impact [on our climate] and that before humans, massive fluctuations in temperature and CO2 have happened.”

Glen and Bennett, via Facebook

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