Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Death Planet vs. Juggalos vs. Mary Tyler Moore

Becky, Wes, & Meredith consider the unlikely end of the world, supernatural realms, Bigfoot, and Juggalos. Becky rages at the Christian anti-school machine.




What would it take for you guys to believe in a transcendent, metaphysical and/or supernatural realm? What line must be crossed before you can honestly say you believe that miracles, magic, supernatural or psychic abilities are real and genuinely exist?

If someone was say having a dream every night about the future day ( a premonition ) and could accurately tell what would happen in the daily news for instance, every day, would this make you guys believe that the supernatural world exists? What if you were to witness accurate clairvoyant abilities where someone could guess what number you were thinking of every time you test them?

Avalon from Australia

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I have a thought on people doubting that the constitution protects atheists. I think it is a case where it is not actually spelled out that atheist’s freedom of thought is protected but that it can only be implied. Granted, it is hard to twist the first amendment that it does not protect but humans are good at twisting things.

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