Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Sam, Dave, and Wes talk about the intersection of religiosity and immigration.  Sports and Scifi make an appearance. Call to Action: Help Detained Immigrants and their Kids.



Hello a friend of mine who is also an atheist told me he hates Homo sapiens. I couldn’t get a good reason out of him. As some one else who is logic driven I ask for help knowing if it is reasonable or not to dislike human?  Christopher from Georgia

Been listening to your show since it was recommended on Atheist Experience. Really enjoy your show and the emotional journey you and the regular contributors are taking through life. Recently I encountered the only other show to mention Tacoma. The Spud Gooan show. I know you also had a cable TV show. But what is the go with that character? PS: More Sci – Fi, much less sport please. Maynard from Sydney, Australia

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