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No Yelling At Funerals

Becky, Tom, and Luke get into what’s supported in “natural” remedies and “chiropractic,” and what’s bunk. They reflect on religious funerals, religious accommodations for employment, legal protections for atheists, and what it would take to get us to believe in a god.



What would it take, logically, to get an atheist to believe in a god? -Tauseef from Maharashtra, India

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Listening to today’s episode. I was recently in Kansas City. I was eating dinner at the hotel and the three ladies who were working there all identified as non-religious or atheist. I was shocked! I live in Lewis county and don’t run into too many people that identify or think like me.


How do you explain this guy? and what about this comment from the video: I always believed in Jesus as my lord and savior since I was a child. I’m a nurse and when one of my patients died, a beam of blue sapphire light came through the ceiling of the room and went directly on my patient. Then I saw my patient’s soul come out of his body. It looked identical to him. Same hair cut and style. Then his eyes opened and looked up the beam of light and he started to go up in the beam… Read more »

Eva Whitley

I had a disquieting experience last night. I was attending a meeting of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society last night, and one of the members announced she was holding a Seder in our building [we are a 501(c)(3) organization], and I objected on the grounds this was giving preferential treatment to religion. I was shouted down on the grounds that the Society isn’t a government institution, and I withdrew my objection. Is having a religious function a violation of the nonprofit status? I was told it was OK, because we’ve had memorial services and a holiday party (we don’t call… Read more »

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