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Sam and Becky remotely welcome Johnathan Arriola as they talk about hotdogs, religion in the era of social distancing, and the mystery of Trump’s religious affiliation.



Thoughts on if there will be a religious resurgence post-pandemic or an exodus? There’s a joke in there somewhere…[Also], why do some people feel that doctors and science can be so wrong that they lick doorknobs? -Daniel from Tacoma

I see many folks wearing gloves to protect themselves. COVID13 gets into you via mucus membranes. You touch an infected item, then touch your eyes, nose, mouth with or without these gloves, you’ve introduced the virus to yourself. Like writing the combination down on a locked combo lock, false security.. -Paul from Ashford

In response to how our listeners are doing: We’re fine. My lovely and talented wife is sewing masks at the moment. I’m starting work on a technician class training course. Social distancing makes classroom training unworkable, so I guess it’ll have to be online. -John from Idaho

Wipes and Sprayers… -Shawn from the Internet

The reason for [why hotdogs com in 10-packs but bun are 8 to a pack] is obvious: The other two sausages are for the non-human weenie-roast participants. For those unfortunate individuals without furry housemates, may I suggest slicing them up and pan-frying them? -Jennifer from the Internet

I’ll have to remember the hot dog and bun thing for the next time someone tells me the universe is finely tuned. -Victor from the Internet

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It is not COVID13, IT IS COVID19 .

Also in the same way that Hitler is dishonestly labeled as a atheist, I know for a fact that modern Christians will also do the same mis-labeling when they decide to disown Trump.

So how do you godless weirdos generate income with the internet ? This Coronavirus resulted in me losing my job as a valet driver.


I think Dam was thinking of Window Licker by Aphex Twin during his door knob licking comments. Very electronic and I think Aphex Twin is a radio broadcasting compressor as well maybe.

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