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YOU are the Alien

by Ask an Atheist

Becky, Josh, and Luke reflect on the Winter Solstice, blasphemy, tornadoes, ghost pirate marriages, misguided fundraising campaigns, food seasons outrage, and extraterrestrial life.

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Are they Cosplaying?

by Ask an Atheist

Sam, Becky, and Luke broadcast LIVE, just after returning from a Patriot Prayer rally in downtown Tacoma. They delve into WA State legislator Matt Shea’s “Biblical War” manifesto, and his scary brand of evangelism and separatist “liberty.” Irish blasphemy, Pence, and Messianic Jews get mentioned too.

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Rebutting Goodnight Moon

by Ask an Atheist

Becky, Luke, and Josh discuss how religious freedom, including freedom not to be religious, balances with secular law in the case of libraries, schools, parking lots, zoning, and medicine; they dissect how misguided zealots or conspiracy theorists are warping religious freedom to trash LGBT+ folks, literacy, and scientifically informed education.

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No Justice for Alber Saber

by Mike Gillis

Alber Saber, the 27 year-old computer science graduate and online atheist activist has been convicted on blasphemy charges in Egypt. On Wednesday. he was sentenced in a Cairo court to three years in prison for Facebook posts where he promoted atheism, insulting Islam and Christianity and criticizing religious belief.

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