Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Not Even Wrong

Becky, Bridget, and Dan use science, history, and linguistics to tackle listener feedback about atheism’s origins, god’s power as a world-observer, Spanish church graffiti, and poo-smells. News updates on atheist activism to remove crosses from government spaces, and Alabama’s attempt to force religion in government spaces, and Roy Moore’s financial woes that inflame his bigotry.



A word about the grafitti [found on a South Carolina church] that said “Se vaya con el diablo”: Rebecca is right, the grammar of the phrase is flawed. Moreover, it is not a minor error nor a spelling mistake. No native speaker would construct such a phrase. The original expression “Vaya con dios” is an established way to wish well to another person. While legal, adding the word “se” doesn’t sound quite right. It seems rather that it was made by an automated translator and it would be equivalent to saying in English “yourself go with the devil”. -Camilo from Quebec

 How does Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle prevent God from observing the universe? -Mike from Facebook

If men created God, why did no one challenge them or disagree with them for thousands of years until the introduction of the big bang theory? Why didn’t atheism originate at the time of theism as well as another origin story for mankind? By the way, atheos in 5th century BC means without gods, not a disbelief in existence. ? -Michael from The Internet

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