Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Camping, Panama, & Insubordination

Sam’s back! He, Josh, and Luke try and make sense of the Kavanaugh confirmation.  Some state legislators want to ban porn at libraries, Becky provides insight on a Spanish religious offense case with Bridget, and “Ding dong, Harold Camping is really, really, dead!”



Archaic inheritances, the ideas of forgiveness and universal love of…well, anyone…have always bothered me. Tried the UUs for awhile but slammed on the brakes at the “inherent worth and dignity of of all human beings.” Gary Gilmore comes to mind and after that some elected members of government. I got here via a rational mind. It will see me out.

Oh by the way, I prefer swearing AT god, not TO god. -Eugene from the Internet

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