Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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WARNING: Squid Ink may cause congressional diversity, government shutdowns, vice presidential embarrassment, or Stephen Miller’s receding hair line. In this episode, Sam, Luke, and Justin decry northwest white supremacists and make fun of Satan-fearing police officers.  They celebrate newly elected officials and laugh at Pence.  Then, Warb joins Sam, and they finally explain Squid Ink.


  • The whole team as Ask An Atheist wants to wish past guest, Original Motto Project founder, and steadfast show supporter Robert Ray best of luck as he deploys to Antarctica this week for a several-month work stint!
  • Camp Quest NorthWest registration is now open for campers and volunteers
  • WARNING: Squid Ink may cause Stephen Miller’s hairloss,



Look at the pic of [Kyrsten Sinema] being sworn in and tell me that she’s NOT giving Pence the “I’m totally going to own your [butt] every chance I get” look. -Tucker from Facebook

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