Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Becky Under Heat

Sam challenges Becky on cancer statistics, her early teen history, and sci-fi themed Jewish rituals, while Dave questions Sam’s political aspirations. We follow up on concerns about egging political enemies.



If a conservative egged [Bernie] Sanders, or any political opponent, that would be just fine with me. Simply because it would be orders of magnitude better than the projectiles they usually prefer. -Blueprint from The Internet

Because you didn’t mention it in your discussion, other than the allergy tangent; being egged in the face can cause permanent injuries, in particular eye injuries, as can most solid, dense, or shrapnel-capable objects, including water balloons. Maybe a carefully bashed egg to the back of the head isn’t that much of a risk (what if they turned around as you did it?), but I would be wary of talking about egging as if it might be okay if this started a wave of random eggings of politicians. -Odd from Norway

I had a disquieting experience last night. I was attending a meeting of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society last night, and one of the members announced she was holding a Seder in our building [we are a 501©(3) organization], and I objected on the grounds this was giving preferential treatment to religion. I was shouted down on the grounds that the Society isn’t a government institution, and I withdrew my objection. Is having a religious function a violation of the nonprofit status? I was told it was OK, because we’ve had memorial services and a holiday party (we don’t call it a Christmas party, and we decorate a Dalek instead of a tree) but neither of these things were overtly religious. Am I wrong? -Eva from Baltimore

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