Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Goats’ Blood For Everybody

Sam, Luke, and Josh are all back in the studio to distinguish Hell from Heck, and atheism from Humanism. They comment on the Poway Synagogue shooting, address atheists’ electoral motives, and exorcism.


  1. Man Shoots and Kills Worshipers at Passover Celebration
  2. ‘Hellboy’ Renamed to ‘Heckboy’
  3. Sunday School Teacher Sentenced for PORN MURDER
  4. Satanic Temple Federally Recognized as a Church



I need to figure out the difference between Humanist and Atheist. I thought a humanist was a safer way of saying the “A” word, but I could be wrong.
George from The Internet

If someone refuses to submit to an exorcism, why would you even want them working in your hotel after dark?
Robert from Victoria, Australia

I want to know if atheists helped elect Donald Trump.
Eric from The Internet

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I am a non-believer, or better yet, just consider myself in the vein of the late Hitchens, an anti-theist, in that I detest in any and all forms the idea of religion. I’ve been divorced from my first wife, who is an evangelical Christian, for a couple of years now, and we had two children together, two children with whom I love with all of my heart. Just the other day during my portion of our time sharing week, my children, daughter who is five, son who is four, came home to tell me that they dare not lie. That… Read more »

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