Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Becky talks with Shelley Segal about her new EP “Holy” and single “Our Resistance“; Rob J. Robertson accompanies. Includes reflections on the Passover story, racism, migration, women’s rights, and Shelley’s musical trajectory. Intense discussion of gun-related domestic violence from 20:44-27:00.

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Have u noticed what CHRISTIANS, WILL EVENTUALLY USE, eg.. ROMANS 1:19 to say, that “everyone” KNOWS,,,,, God exists. ESV. N.T. ROMANS 1:19 …. For what can be known about God is plain to “THEM”, because God has shown it to “THEM”…… So, christians, using this verse, call all unbelievers, liars. BUT.. Imagine a man, living in the year 600 AD, in north Alaska, with no bible, no christians, no church. Let’s call this hypothetical man,,,, “””ESKY.””” Romans 1:20 says,,,,, ESKY “knows” about God,,, how??? “in the things that have been made” verse 20. So,,,, have you ever read the verses… Read more »

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