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Nathan and Dan catch Becky up after a week at Camp Quest NorthWest. Becky explores how Secular Humanism can be used to address Trump’s immigration policy of inhumane terror. We address an atheist listener’s personal theory that we may be God creating itself.


Shelley Segal’s back! In celebration of her new release HOLY, Shelley has embarked on a North American West Coast Tour. Grab dinner and drinks around 5 or 5:30 at the Swiss Restaurant and Pub in downtown Tacoma–Shelley goes on around 6pm. Presented by Humanists of Washington and Ask An Atheist With Sam Mulvey, this event is open to the public. Families welcome! If you can’t make it on Sunday July 14, catch one day earlier at the Community Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasco! More information can be found at or at .


Resources and Links regarding a response to atrocities against migrants


I’m an atheist. Not a 100% confident atheist, because I still have unanswered questions. For example, I’ve heard of some religions preaching God is self and I have studied all religions including being an atheist knowing they could all [be] false. I believe the answer lies in the middle of the combined knowledge. Now if you believe in evolution you believe 2 billion years ago we were single celled organisms. So 2 billion years from now we will be as different from single celled organisms as we are today. Atheists love to ask if God created us then who created God? What if there is no God because we are God creating itself? Would love to discuss my theory further, [I] just don’t have the media like you do to get my idea out there.-Gary from The Internet



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I heard this talked about, but didn’t see the info in the show notes. Thanks for spreading the word. I hope to see some people out there.

Becky Friedman

Thank you for including the link, Victor!

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